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About the Learn 2 Listen Program

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One in five people of working age experience a

mental health problem


What is Learn 2 Listen?


Dublin Samaritans developed the ‘Learn 2 Listen’ (L2L) workshop as part of our corporate programme.


The objective of the workshops is to give managers a better understanding of mental health support in the workplace and to give them the knowledge and tools to provide emotional support to colleagues.

The workshop is based on Samaritan’s extensive body of knowledge and experience in active listening skills gained over 50 years in our Dublin branch.



How does it work?


Trained volunteers deliver the workshop to small groups of employees to ensure that participants are personally supported throughout. Topics covered in the workshop include understanding emotional health, the stress continuum, barriers to listening in the workplace,
active listening tools and demonstrations.

The workshops are interactive and experiential involving roleplay with trained Samaritans and colleagues. Participants will witness and experience ‘active listening’ and support techniques from volunteer demonstrations and will get the opportunity to try these new skills
in small, supportive breakout groups.


The online workshop experience is designed to replicate an inhouse workshop as much as possible, is led by experienced Samaritan volunteers. The workshops to date and have been very well received by attendees.

The volunteers who deliver The course do so is delivered on a voluntary basis and all proceeds from the workshops go going towards running costs of the free phone service throughout Ireland.



Main topics covered


1. Mental health discussion

2. Coping

3. Talking & Listening, barriers in the work place

4. Looking after our mental health, increases our resilience to cope

5. Without the resources or resilience our wellbeing is affected


Media Library - IBEC Keep Well Initiavite


Topics also align to IBEC KeepWell accreditaion guide



The workshop is activity based


Role Plays
Breakout sessions
Attendee interaction
Attendee skill practise

There are three modules


Understanding Mental Health in the workplace
IBEC line manager guide
Listening Wheel Tools & practise



Media Library - Certificate


Every participant recevies a cert on completion of the L2L course.



Some of the great Feedback to date


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